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Our agency’s guide to the recruitment process – for employers

Hiring the right person for a job can be a tedious process. The following guide is designed in order to locate top candidates faster, to save time when you are looking to recruit new staff for your business. This guide will also make the selection process between candidates easier. Here at KgaboLize we use this guide as good practice, and we follow these guidelines in order to be able to recruit employees based on their personal competencies, relevant experience and qualifications – in relation to the requirements of the position.

  1. Create vacancy information: Take your time when writing the information about the position, because the information has to be interesting and intriguing for the applicants to read. People are often looking for their dream job and proper information will improve the chances of finding the perfect person. The more people who are applying, the better the chances of finding the perfect match. By going into details and specifying daily tasks, in addition to what’s required, applicants will get a better understanding and you will not have too many confused calls and e-mails about the position.
  1. Advertise the job: Placements are important, in order to be able reach the right target audience. Our HR-consultants know the importance of specifying what type of people we are looking for, so that we can put our job adverts in the right places. By specifying the target audience from the very beginning, different types of people will be able to see what you are looking for and you will have a clear understanding of where it is best to advertise that particular vacancy.
  2. Shortlist Candidates: Ideal candidates can be placed into a category, before you are able to make a shorter list of all the people you want to meet. The shortlist depends on how much time you have to do interviews, but selecting candidates based on their different skills and expertise should be made according to the requirements of the position.
  3. Interview reject candidates: Interviewing one-on-one gives a much clearer impression of a person’s personality, character and work ethic. By asking formal and informal questions, it is easy to get to know one and other and easier to make an opinion about the person being right for the position and your organisation.
  4. Check up on details and references: Verbal references are always the best references you can get. By calling former employers they can quickly provide detailed insights, and any questions or concerns you might have can be answered. We always require references when hiring for our clients.
  1. Appoint the right candidate: As soon as the right candidate is found, it is important to make quick contact in order to discuss and set up an employment contract.

These are our top guidelines when doing recruiting and finding the right person can be a long process. This is why we at KgaboLize have long experience in recruitment and head hunting for organisations. Contact us today for more information.

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