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Are you making these common mistakes in your interviewing process?

As an HR manager or employer, there’s a lot at stake when it comes to the interviewing process. Taking on new employees is costly and you will be left in a tough position if the new candidate isn’t able to fill the required role. Here are a few common mistakes which should be avoided:

Not pre-screening interviewees

Anyone can submit a finely worded cover letter and a stellar curriculum vitae, but you need to check all the information in these documents before you schedule an interview. A recruitment company in Pretoria, such as Kgabolize for example, can do a background check to make sure the employee has the listed academic certifications and that he or she has in fact worked at the corporations listed in the CV.

Not preparing candidates

To make sure the interviewing process runs smoothly, you need to brief the candidate on what is expected. Tell him or her about your company and the information and documentation they should prepare ahead of the interview.

Talking too much

Many candidates will be interested in the job role, benefits and the company culture, making it easy to get carried away with discussions that aren’t related to the interviewing process. Keep a list of questions and make sure you’re able to interview the candidate without focusing too much on talking yourself.

As an employer, your best bet is to hire a top recruitment agency to guide you through the process. Not only does Kgabolize do everything from finding the right candidates, to background checks and pre-screening, but we can also take care of the initial interviews for you. Contact us for more information today.

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