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Full employment vs. contract and temping – what’s the best choice for your company?

Deciding to take on new employees is a big decision for many companies. Times are tough and you need to make sure you’re hiring the right people (and that they will be able to add value to your organisation). Deciding to opt for contract workers and temporary staff might seem the logical approach, but there are many pros and cons regarding these employment contracts which need to be considered.

Hiring contract workers can help your business quickly adjust to added workloads that arise from new contracts or projects. These workers can be seasonal, or simply help out during peak periods. Temporary employees can also provide niche skills when you need them.

The cons of hiring contract and temporary workers include the resources you will need to put in. Every time you hire a contract worker, you will have to dedicate time to bring them up to speed, so there are often training and administrative requirements. It can also lead to friction if the temporary workers are going to be working with your full-time staff, seeing as contract workers don’t always get the same benefits as full-time employees. There can also be questions relating to the reliability of temporary staff, seeing as they don’t have a fixed, full-time legal obligation to your company.

Full time employees also come with a range of pros and cons. These staff are usually more loyal, less likely to leave on a whims notice and they are familiar with the ins and outs of your business. It does, however, often cost more to take on new full-time employees.

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