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A helpful guide to writing a great job advertisement for your company

Recruitment agencies are usually skilled at writing job specs and adverts. If you’re looking to hire a new employee, the first thing you will need to do is get curriculum vitae’s of potential candidates. To make sure you attract high quality candidates and don’t waste time on interviewing people who do not fit the bill, you will need to write an effective job advertisement. Here are some helpful pointers from Kgabolize, a top recruitment agency in Durban:

Do a job analysis

Sit and take stock of all the responsibilities the person will need to complete. If there’s a high amount of travel, administration or stress involved in the position, be honest about it so that you only appeal to people who will enjoy the day-to-day activities of the job.

List minimum requirements

Every job role will have minimum criteria that a potential candidate will have to meet. Consider everything from own transport and academic criteria, to the years of experience that are needed to apply for the position.

List the salary range

Some companies are hesitant to list the salary they are willing to pay for a position (which is understandable, seeing as different calibre candidates will warrant a shift in the amount a company can pay). Instead of citing a fixed monthly amount, rather list the salary range and state the remuneration is negotiable based on experience.

Include information about the company

If your company is a family-oriented, small company or a multi-national blue-chip organisation, say so in your job advertisement. Different work environments appeal to different personalities, so narrow down your interviewing options by attracting the type of people who would really fit in with your organisation’s culture and environment.

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