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Client Recruitment Services

Choose KgaboLize Recruitment to help you source the right candidates for your unique environment.

We realise that your company will have its own blend of culture, style and environment and matching the right candidate for your company is of utmost importance.

At KgaboLize Recruitment we will tailor a recruiting program to your specific needs and will ensure that we refer individuals who are committed to being part of your company’s success.

We would welcome the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you and explain how we can make an immediate improvement in your hiring needs. Please contact us to discuss your recruitment needs.

Recruitment services

We have robust policies and practices in place and our employee and candidate selection process is based on personal competencies, relevant experience and qualifications that are related to the job requirements.

Our recruitment services include:

  • Verbal references
  • ITC credit checks
  • Qualification verification
    • Background chekcs
    • Verbal References
  • Skills assessment (testing)
  • Criminal records / Fingerprint Checks
    • ID and License verification
  • Head-Hunting
  • Talent Search
  • Sourcing (Temporary and Contract Placements)
  • Response Handling
  • Advertising (Placement of advertisements)

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Sourcing Candidates and Careers

Our candidates go through a very structured screening process.

We are able to source specialist candidates from all over the country to fulfill the clients’ requirements. KgaboLize Recruitment Consultancy is a strategic partner in the recruitment process. We will endeavor to provide the clients with the most appropriate candidates to suit their requirements. Our aim is to create peace of mind and satisfaction with our clients.

We source skilled candidates through advertising our clients’ job specifications in the Workplace, Job Mail, head-hunting, and internet research. We currently have an established candidate database of screened and tested candidates. We have an attitude of continuous efforts to grow our CV database with suitably qualified candidates.

We are confident that as a recruitment partner to our clients, we will be able to provide our clients with the best professionals, required to meet our clients demanding recruitment challenges.

Terms and Conditions

Fee Structure

Our fee, excluding VAT, is 15% of the Gross Annual Income package (as defined by the Income Tax Act No.: 58 of 1962), and is calculated on the total cost to company basis.

Settlement of Account

The placement fee is payable by the client on the starting date of the assignment, of a candidate introduced by KgaboLize Recruitment consultancy. (Negotiable on special arrangement, notified and confirmed in writing)


We guarantee our candidates for a 3 month period. Our guarantee is validated by us receiving our full fee on the starting date of the assignee.

Should the first candidate, introduced by us, leave due to incompetence, this being within the guarantee period, you will be entitled to receive a replacement for the same vacancy at the same remuneration.

Should we be unable to provide a suitable replacement, and the candidate leaves within the first month of employment, your account will be credited with 75% of the full fee received, 50% in the second month and 25% in the third month. All credits are valid for a period of 6 months.

This guarantee option is not applicable to retrenchments and redundancies.

Should you not validate your guarantee you will, not be entitled to a replacement of a credit even though the candidate left within the 3 month period. You will, however, remain liable for the full fees.

Contract / Temp Recruitment

Our fee, excluding VAT, is 20% of the contract period salary package. Please note that a guarantee period/rebate is not applicable with contract positions.

Client / Attorney Charges

In the event that KgaboLize Recruitment Consultancy instructs its Attorney to institute legal proceedings against a client, the client hereby undertakes and agrees to pay KgaboLize Recruitment Consultancy Attorney legal fees on the scale as between Attorney and client, collection commission, tracing fees and the like should any judgment be granted in favour of KgaboLize Recruitment Consultancy

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